Hey everyone!  What an adventure you are about to take with me…

Not sure exactly where to begin, so let’s start with about 7 months ago I was  40-something ;), over weight, over worked, always stressed, … and woke up one day and was over all of it.  I needed to change.

I had my priorities upside down.

Since that day I’ve learned to love myself again.  I’ve lost almost 50 pounds and counting, and continuing to discover new ways to better serve my body.

Food and fitness go hand in hand. But, it must be enjoyable, to be sustainable.


Deciding to work at being the best version of myself, I need to continue to address the root cause of why I was unhealthy to begin with… and make choices every day that keep me on the path that I desire to be.  

Meal planning and prep each week is key for me and my family.

Our life is busy, if there’s not a plan… well, then it’s fast food or junk. I want my family to have healthy options, and realize the benefits of good food and staying active.

It’s conscious choice every day each of us have to make.  Let’s collaborate on how we can make sensible choices, learn hacks, etc.  I’d love to start with sharing my meal prep as well as things I’ve picked up along the way… hoping in turn, you’ll share and I can continue to learn.  Thank you!

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