Meal Prep

Eat Quinoa!

The past couple weeks I’ve been trying to make lighter meal prep options… Summer time is a great time to make cold salads!

I’ve had quinoa from time to time, but it’s becoming a staple in my menu for a couple of reasons:

  1. My tastes are evolving… I love the natural taste the embodies quinoa.  I usually cook it with veggie or chicken stock for flavor, but the texture is wonderful!
  2. Quinoa actually is a great source of protein (who knew!).  It’s a way to take a meal hiatus from chicken, and eat food that offers you a protein source needed for a balanced meal prep.
  3. You can eat it hot or cold!  My work schedule is crazy at times, and part of my challenge is taking time to eat when I have back to back meetings, or projects approaching deadlines… cold salads are great grab-and-go options because you don’t have to spend the extra 5 minutes to warm it up!
  4. It’s another reason to use my new steamer!  I love the “set it and forget it” cooking method… for busy people, that’s important!  Load the steamer, and walk away… take a kid to practice, go to yoga (, or read that book that you’ve been carrying around for a month and have only finished 10 pages…

Eat Quinoa!

This week’s meal prep includes a Mexican Quinoa Salad.  It’s an easy prep (<30 min) and makes 8 servings.  My whole family will enjoy this as a side item or as a main course.  I can’t wait to eat this tomorrow for lunch!!!


Cooking quinoa:  The directions on the quinoa bag or box are good.  Like cooking rice, there’s a quinoa to liquid ratio.  Typically cooking duration is ~15 min.  If you use a rice steamer, like the one posted in my Amazon links section, for every cup of quinoa, I used ~1 1/2 cups of broth.  But be sure to read the instructions on the package, some types and brands may be different.  Quinoa in the steamer turned out great!

Check out the truRoots brand of quinoa.  Super yummy, super easy to make!  They have all different kinds, and its available on Amazon!

Quinoa used in this salad:  Truroots Quinoa Sprtd Org, 12-Ounce

Mexican Quinoa Salad-4

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