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Yesterday I was talking with a friend about meal prep, and we both agreed that eating leftovers is a challenge.

I’m not a fan of leftovers… but, not because I actually have a phobia…

  • Yes, there is a phobia of leftovers, it’s apparently called “Cibophoboiacs” …but, the fear is more associated with bacteria, and viruses…  That’s really not my issue.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and my conclusion is… I don’t like leftovers because

I don’t like to dig into cold containers for food!!!

Seriously!  I’d prefer to have each dish individually prepared so I can just simply warm it up, and enjoy.

One of my hacks is individual box / serving meal preparation.  I love the grab-and-go style, and it helps me alternate between a couple of options in a given day… so, I’m not eating the same thing every meal, or even every day.

For every meal I prepare, even if I’m serving it for the family immediately, I put remaining servings into the individual bento boxes featured on my Amazon links page.  That way, it’s done… and I don’t find myself avoiding a meal, because I don’t want to dig into the cold container.  Strange I know, but it’s my challenge.

For busy people, the more convenience… the better!

Bento boxes have been a game changer for my meal prep.  They stack/store great, good plastic (BPA free), dishwasher safe, microwave safe.

Check out the links on this page, and it will take you to the ones I’ve been using for some time.  They can be delivered right to your door step.  Also a life changer!  Love Amazon!

Please share your thoughts about leftovers.  Is this one of your meal prep challenges too? 

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2 thoughts on “Leftover-phobia?

  1. Ugh! Yes… leftovers are the worst. I always have them and never eat them… that’s a great idea!! If you portion them out just like meal prepping… what the difference!? Heat and go! Love it!

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    1. I agree. I’ve noticed when I don’t pre-package my meals for the week, I’m more likely to not eat enough, or eat unbalanced. For me, the meal boxes are important for sustaining a healthy menu, and it’s such a time saver! Takes me no time to assemble my meals for work each day. Best part is when kids get home from school or an activity, BOOM! They can prepare a healthy meal themselves! It’s so awesome! Thank you for your comment!


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