Meal Prep

The Hummus Box

If you love hummus, then this is a great meal prep option I use almost every week!

…in addition to protein, and fiber, chickpeas (main ingredient in hummus) are high in iron, folate, phosphorus, and B vitamins!

The Hummus box includes a balanced combination of crackers, fruit, and veggies.  I choose veggies I like, and that I can dip into the hummus because who doesn’t like a good dip?…  The crackers I use are Nut Thins by Blue Diamond Almonds which are literally the yummiest crackers made from almonds (they have other nut varieties as well).  However, I keep the quantity of cracks small… to manage the calories of the box in total.

Typically, I use this as a mid-morning, or mid-afternoon meal.  It’s fresh, and on the lighter side… and keeps me feeling great!

Sabra Hummus even has individual servings called snack packs (6 per box).  I love this!  No longer do I need to dig into another container (cold or not, it’s not really my thing)….  I can just grab-and-go with the individual serving container, put it right into my box, add the other ingredients, and I’m done!!!

I set up an assembly line on my counter, and I can knock out 6 of these boxes in 10 min or less.  One of my favorites!

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The Hummus Box

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