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The Protein Box

This is a newer meal prep to my rotation.  The Protein Box is another easy go-to for quick meal prep, but offers a slightly different variety than the previously mentioned “The Hummus Box”.

Let’s start with the chips,

I prep this tasty treasure with Beanitos chips, a tortilla chip made of beans.  They are so incredible!!!  The Chili and Sour Cream flavor is AMAZING!  Made right here in Texas (Austin), these little chips are a fierce PROTEIN machine, with other good stuff like FIBER and ANTIOXIDANTS!  Like in the other box, I keep the portion limited to manage my calories, so 4~6 chips.

And you can’t have chips without a dip…

Wholly Guacamole offers several varieties… and yes my foodies, individual serving sizes called “minis” (4 per box).   If you haven’t tried this brand of guac, WHOLLY GUACAMOLE you are missing out!  In fact, there’s an entire Facebook page dedicated to the fans of this product.

Avocados are a wonderful source of healthy fat and vitamin E!

In addition to the guac and chips, I add red bell pepper slices as my veg… they help me clean the guac container clean…. get all those little bits the chips can’t get!  😉

The last product is another amazing discovery, a 100% Grass Fed Beef Stick by Paleovalley (  Only 70 calories, and a great source of protein.  But, there’s so much more to this product…

100% Grass Fed Beef (never given grain)…. never given antibiotics or hormones… gluten-free, soy free, dairy free,… 0 grams of sugar… no artificial nitrates or nitrites… Non GMO. 

For my foodies with allergies, this might give you a quick grab-and-go option that you currently don’t have!

This box is super satisfying!

A great post-workout meal, as it contains almost 15 grams of protein!

What do you eat after a workout?  

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The Protein Box

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