Meal Prep

The Taco Box

This was a popular picture when I first posted almost a week ago!  Can’t believe it’s been a whole week since we’ve been talking about meal prep!  So exciting!

This meal prep is so versatile.  You can use different meats …turkey, chicken, beef, or shrimp, …or even just black beans!  The presentation is wonderful, but warm this up, mix it… and oooo la la, it is so satisfying.

And my kids love this one!   They think it’s ready-made nachos!  And who doesn’t love nachos!?!

Their add-ons, of course, add a few more calories… they add shredded cheese or ranch dressing, and eat with Beanitos or Late July Organic Chia Seed & Quinoa tortilla chips (oh yes, check them out my Amazon Links page… SO GOOD!).

This meal prep is great for lunch, or dinner!  Good balance of protein, carbs, and veg.  I enjoy pico de gallo because it adds tons of flavor.  Kroger has already made pico de gallo in the produce section that I highly recommend.  It’s fresh, and chunky!  It can be a little spicy, so if that’s a concern … I would sub for any mild fresh salsa.  If you use salsa, I would add it on as a topping when you’re ready to eat, and not layer it in the box.  … that should help avoid any mushiness with the runnier consistency.

Prep time is approx. ~20 min, with the longest lead-time items being the meat cooking, and the rice steaming.  Remember, the Aroma rice cooker is an amazing tool.  You can set it up, and let it do its work, while you work on other prep items.  You no longer have to be standing over the stove waiting for a pot of rice to finish…. it takes for ever!

Do you think your kiddos would enjoy this as much as mine?

The Taco Box-2

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