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Meal prep on vacation

Each year we take a family vacation to the same place in Orlando, Florida.  Hilton has a couple of great resorts there, and the one we enjoy is very relaxing!   The nice part is each unit has a well equipped kitchen… refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishes, pots, pans, etc.  It’s really perfect for meal prepping healthy options on your vacation!

Meal prep can happen everywhere you go.  It saves time, money, and ensures you, and your family, are enjoying healthy food options even on vacation!

Every time we’ve gone, I make a list of meals I want to prepare for the week… usually on the plane ride down.    I’m a planner, so lists, and schedules are my thing!  I usually make a day by day schedule to get a general idea of quantity.  There are places my family likes to eat out, and I always like to enjoy eating poolside, so I balance the # of times we are likely to eat “out” versus eating “in”.  It’s great for our budget!  Breakfast we usually always eat in, lunch too.  So, really dinner is the main meal that we usually eat out.

My meal prep on vacation usually includes healthy grab and go items such as:

1) Wraps – uncured ham lunch meat, on a burrito sized wrap (like a Mission Carb Balance wrap), arugula or other power greens, swiss cheese, and mustard.  You can make these in advance, wrap in plastic wrap, and it will keep for a couple of days in the fridge.  You can also adjust the ingredients to fit your dietary needs (i.e. gluten free, dairy free, etc.), or make variety for your family (i.e. different cheeses, add mayo, pickles, tomatoes, etc.).

2) Fruit cups – grocery stores always have pre-cut fruit salads available.  You can buy either the individual fruit you like, or one of the mixed salads, and then individual portion into small 9 oz solo cups that you can get pretty cheap.  Seal the top with plastic wrap, and go!

3) Veggies – grocery stores also have pre-cut veggies available as well.  Same concept, you can use the 9 oz cups or sandwich baggies, wrap, and go!

And of course you need a dip!

4) Veggie dip – hummus makes a great dip (try the Sabra individuals!!) or make a greek yogurt with any dried soup like Knorr Vegetable Recipe Mix or Lipton has a vegetable mix also.  Lipton also has a dried onion soup mix that you can mix with greek yogurt that makes a tasty french onion dip!  Great with vegetables and chips!  Also, portion out in the 9 oz cups, wrap, and go!

This takes care of lunch for a couple of days, you can prep ahead (~20 minutes or less), and best of all save money!  Eating on vacation is expensive, especially if you have kids to feed.  Being able to prep meals though out the week, allows you to spend the budget on other things you would like to enjoy!

Pack your meal prep containers!  Genius!!!

Last night, I received a great idea from my friend Danielle who is a rep for a company called WildTree (  She is actually taking her meal prep containers with her!  WHAT !?!? That’s an amazing idea! She’s traveling with her daughter for dance, so nutrition, and meal prep is super critical… She had to ship some items ahead of their arrival, and she included a couple of each type of her meal prep containers (Check out the Amazon Links page).  This is a great option if you have the room in your suitcase, or have to ship items ahead anyway.  The containers I use stack great, and really don’t take a lot of room.  I will definitely be doing this the next time we go somewhere!  Thanks Danielle!

Regardless, even if taking containers isn’t an option, you can find ways to prep using other methods like small solo cups, plastic sandwich bags, foods that are already pre-packaged in individual servings, etc.  Meal prep is an option for you everywhere!

Do you meal prep on vacation?  Please share your ideas!

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