Meal Prep

Meal versus Snack

This has been one of the more radical shifts I’ve had to make from a mindset point of view when it comes to meal prep.

Chrissy ( has spent time working with me, through weight coaching sessions… it really helping me change my mindset, and approach to food.

One mental shift I had to make was realizing that when people talk about eating 5~6 times per day, they are referring to meals, not snacks.

There’s been so many times that I referred to my prep as a snack… and she would correct me by emphasizing that I need to eat enough substance to satisfy my body (a meal)… versus a snack that really only buys you time, but really doesn’t satisfy your body.

For every meal prep, I now look at it as a balanced meal.  Meaning:  a protein, a veg, a fruit, sometimes carbs, etc.   Making sure that my body is getting everything it needs to feel satisfied.

Target range for each meal prep is 200~300 calories.

Once I eat my box, it should be enough to sustain me until the next meal, ~2 hours later.  It’s a completely different approach than I’ve ever taken in the past.

Meal prep is about planning, and making that plan convenient.  It’s about setting your self up for success, by having ready-made options for you to fuel your body all day long.

Before meal prep, I would scramble on what to eat, or skip meals because I didn’t have any available options ready.  Therefore, my body was in a constant state of being deprived… hence in a state where it would hold on to stuff, because it didn’t trust me to eat on a regular basis.

Even though my body, and I are still working on trusting each other, I feel that the last 10 lbs or so I’ve lost is because my body no longer feels the need to hold on to extra.  And my weight will continue to drop because I’m living a life that’s active, and taking care of by body the way it’s intended.

As you approach your meal prep, don’t look at it as a burden.  Look at it as a necessary step to make sure you have a plan for your day.  And busy people always need a plan!

What’s your biggest challenge for meal prep?  Time, motivation, planning?

If you are interested in weight coaching sessions, Chrissy Ball is amazing!  She helped me breakthrough to a new found freedom.  I meal prep because I enjoy it, and I enjoy the convenience.  But, even without my meal prep boxes, I’m in control, and can better balance my body’s need for fuel, and joy!  She’s a great resource for anyone looking for a change!




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