Life Hacks


Meal prep has been a game changer for me, and my family.

One of the secrets:

I don’t make anything my family won’t eat, or be willing to try!

This journey isn’t just about me, but it’s about a total shift.  If I intend it to be permanent, then it can’t be considered a “diet”, from a short-term mindset… it has to be enjoyable, to be sustainable.

Therefore, it has to become “OUR” lifestyle.

If I’m the only one that’s benefitting, then what’s the point?  After all, I want my family to be healthy, and active too.  I want my kids to enjoy, and know what good food tastes like, …and have a better approach to eating, and exercise than I’ve had… so, maybe, just maybe, they can live life, and skip all the drama of weight issues, and food issues that I’m working to overcome.

So, the recipes I post, or meal pics I share, are all items my husband, and kids will eat.  That’s the goal each, and every week.  Some of the options they like better than others… but, change will continue to happen gradually.

For example, just this past week my daughter wanted something to eat, and grabbed an individual serving of hummus with some organic chips, and LOVED IT!!!  She even told a friend how she loves hummus now!    Whoo hoo!

And for the hot meals… I love to cook family favorites, but I’ll be thoughtful in my approach to see if there’s small modifications I can make that make it healthier, but still tasty.  Key is to balance your plate (protein, veg, fat, carb, etc), and keep sensible portions.

For example, my family loves meatloaf.  I follow the same recipe I have for years, but instead of regular hamburger, I’ve switched to grass-fed beef… OMG!  Best meatloaf ever!  …and all I did was adjust the type of meat to reduce/eliminate our intake of fillers, and plumpers.

Life is all about balance.  It’s about making small modifications, and continuing to find recipes, and food options that work best for you, and your family.

What are your favorite family recipes?  Have you discovered small modifications to make those recipes healthier?  Please share 😉


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