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Power Quinoa Salad

Super easy, super fresh!

I’m totally in love with quinoa right now!  It’s the texture… and it’s full of protein!

I mixed this gem up yesterday, and loving it!

Only couple of ingredients, and can be made is less than 20 min.

Cook the quinoa, add the veggies, mix, and done!  I did add a small amount of red wine vinegar, and olive oil.  I’m not a huge fan of vinegar… so I was cautious, but it did enhance the flavor.

Optional add-ons:  Fresh avocado, and feta cheese.  But, really you could add any of your favorites…  olives, other shredded cheese, nuts, etc.  You could even add grilled salmon, shrimp… endless options.  I think I’ll try another version of this with kale!  So good!

These simple salads our a powerful addition to your weekly meal prep.  Quick fix, ingredients that satisfy, and low-calorie.  This meal prep is only ~200 calories (without the add-ons).

Grab-n-go, and enjoy!  See more details below!

Has anyone tried quinoa for the first time in the past 2 weeks?  What did you think? 

Power Quinoa Salad-7

One thought on “Power Quinoa Salad

  1. Thanks Susan – I am looking forward to adding these items to quinoa. Over the last month, I’ve been buying cherry tomatoes that are different colors like orange, yellow, red, they are even different sizes too. I think they taste sweeter than an average cherry tomato.

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