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Breakfast Burritos OMG!

Meal Prep Sunday started out with a bang!

A friend, and I had been texting… and she was looking for a kid-friendly breakfast meal prep.  I had just read about making ahead burritos, freezing them, and then warming them up when ready to eat.  Decided to give it a try.

I used Butterball turkey breakfast sausage, Simply potatoes, organic black beans, eggs, organic whole wheat tortillas, and sprinkle of Mexican blend finely shredded cheese.

You could totally go all organic (organic turkey, potatoes, etc.), or vegetarian super easy (add more veggies, use morning start veggie meal starter crumbles!).

After you cooked all the ingredients (sausage, potatoes, eggs), mixed with beans in a big bowl.  Set up your assembly by placing a tortilla on a piece of Press-n-Seal Glad Freezer wrap, then scoop about 3/4 a cup of mixture onto the tortilla. Sprinkle with cheese, and roll it up… securing it with the plastic wrap.  After they were all prepared, I placed them in the freezer.

When ready to eat, just remove from freezer, and microwave for ~90 seconds.

Optional add-ons:  Fresh salsa, guacamole.

The recipe made 14 burritos.  ~350 calories each (without add-ons).

My family went nuts over them!  #kidapproved

If you’re looking for a tasty breakfast prep, this is awesome!

Enjoy!  See more details below!

Have you tried this before?  What filling ingredients would you like?

Breakfast Burritos OMG!

3 thoughts on “Breakfast Burritos OMG!

  1. Thank you SO much Susie for this delicious and healthy breakfast tortilla. I will definitely be making more of these before school starts.

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