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Taking a break before my next meal prep to share what’s on my mind today 🙂

How many times have I started a diet or an exercise program because someone told me that it was what I needed to do to lose weight?… only to find myself making excuses on why not to go… because I hated every minute of it! or it was boring, doing the same thing every time… shaming myself to the point that I was desperate to try anything to feel better.  So I would deprive, and punish…  giving up carbs, giving up sugar… giving up all the things I enjoyed, and forcing myself to do things I didn’t enjoy…

My motivation for being healthy, or being fit, wasn’t really based on anything specific.  

The first thing I had to understanding, to enable change in my life, is what is my motivation?

Back in November I knew a change needed to happen, because I didn’t recognize myself anymore.  I missed that girl who use to look back at me.  So with God’s help, I began to re-focus on my family.  They deserved the best version of me, not what I had become.

Finding your motivation is the first step in making any permanent change.  Motivation is the key to sustainability.  

This required me to take a long look at myself, and to start listing out what I wanted… because for so long I was focused on what everyone else wanted from me.  My list started out pretty simple:

  • I wanted to feel better.
  • I wanted to spend more time with my kids.
  • I wanted to go for walks with my husband.
  • I wanted to not be always so tired.
  • I wanted to improve the quality of life, that I had lost some where along the way.

God had already blessed us with so much, I simply wanted to get back to a place that I felt real joy… mind, body, and spirit.

My motivation became simply to love myself because God created me, and has a purpose for my life… and that means something.  

The Bible says, “Let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions” (1 John 3:18 NLT).  Love is an action word! We can say that we love people, but our love is revealed in how we act toward them.  It’s revealed how we treat others.  We should love others, like we love ourselves.

But we have to love ourselves, to understand what that means.  God loves us unconditionally, and He has given us so many tools to fulfill our purpose.  We just have to study His word, be obedient, and get out of His way.  For me, I needed to first be still, and work on fixing my inside.

So I asked hard questions like:  What actions am I taking daily to take care of myself?  How am I studying His word to make myself stronger spiritually?  How am I equipping myself daily to overcome any obstacle I face?

Meal prepping helped me fix the answer to a couple of those questions, but I needed to put God back to first in my life, and allow Him to remind me how I’m wonderfully made.  Once I did this, He showed me progress, and I felt joy again… and I am grateful.

I encourage everyone to continuously re-assess, and make sure your priorities in life are in the correct order.  God – Family – and everything else.

Be kind to your self.  A healthy outside, starts inside.

What’s motiviating you?


6 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. I’m amazed, inspired, and motivated by your journey. The courage to take ownership of your life by incorporating your faith is phenomenal. Stay the course……’re helping me.

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  2. Yes girl!! Totally about self motivation – YOU have to be in it for YOU!! Thanks for sharing and helping me to remember that!!

    So proud of you and the journey you are on!!

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