Meal Prep

Protein Pancakes

I personally think this is a life hack too, not just a meal prep.  My friend Chrissy (, gave me this suggestion, and it’s so great I have to share!

I’ve tried pancakes a couple of different ways.  I’ve tried the 3 ingredient pancakes… pretty good, but tasted more like the center of french toast.  But, I crave the wonderful cake aspect of pancakes… so french toast didn’t quite meet the goal.

3 ingredient pancakes:  protein powder, mashed banana, 2 eggs.
3 ingredient protein pancakes from Pinterest

Instead, I now use Chrissy’s hack by taking any pancake mix that you can mix with water i.e. gluten free, whole grain, etc., and mix 50/50 with protein powder.  The batter looks the same, but I know there’s additional protein yumminess for my body.

I love Shakeology Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder.  It has a yummy dark chocolate flavor, and is packed with lots of good stuff.  It also mixes really easy with water.  Some other powders get clumpy.  This one doesn’t.

To make the pancakes, add both dry ingredients to a bowl, and add water until it reaches my preferred consistency.  Then I cook in a non-stick skillet, maybe a little olive oil to prevent sticking… and done!

My daughter LOVES these pancakes with fresh strawberries, and pure maple syrup.  

Regarding maple syrup, I’ve completely gotten away from all the non-pure kinds.  There’s so much corn syrup, and artificial junk in those …nothing that really does anything good for your body…  And what I’ve found is the pure maple syrup has a sweeter taste, and a wonderful flavor in general!

There’s different grades of pure maple syrup.  Grade A is probably closest to what I was using, when I purchased the synthetic kind.  However, recently I’ve started to try Grade B, which is produced later in the season and has a darker, grittier color, thicker viscosity, more robust maple flavor and it has more minerals… which is always a good thing!

Together the chocolate protein pancakes with pure maple syrup are delicious.  You only need a drizzle of syrup (vs. a dousing)… a little goes a long way!

What’s your favorite breakfast foods?  Do you like sweet or savory?

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