Food for thought

First step

Another successful week of meal prep.  Everyone had lots of healthy options, and I did no cooking all week.  Amazing!

This week I was able to catch up with a few friends, some that have recently started prepping, and others that were interested to learn more.   It feels really good to share with all of you what’s going on and for you to share in return.  I’m inspired by listening to your success stories and seeing people who are prepping and loving it.   Thank you!

Today I was thinking about how the first step is the hardest!  If you’re like me, I’m skeptical on a lot of things when it comes to being healthy.  Maybe because I’ve been down so many roads that led me back to the same result.  So, when I started to think about how to make a change and make healthy more accessible… I really just had to start somewhere.  I just had to try something new!  Meal prep is a tool for me to achieve my goals.  But it’s also teaching me about nutrition, portion size, and that having a plan is important. This continued action is leading to more and more inspiration!

I recently read a book that talked about motivation, and how a lot of people wait to be inspired or motivated, to take action.  But, what the author pointed out is that it is actually opposite.

If you take action, that leads to inspiration, that then leads to motivation.  The more you work towards your goal, you’ll start to figure out how to achieve it… that first step inspires the second step, which leads to progress… which creates motivation, which leads to more actions, progress, and continued motivation.

The only way to achieve the desired result is setting goals, and working toward them.  Focus on progress only.  It’s not about size or weight, but about feeling good and living according to God’s purpose for your life.    God wants you strong, healthy, and full of joy.  Being healthy not only is physical, it’s mental as well.  The more we work toward progress, the clearer our vision becomes.  Our perspective becomes one of hope and promise…  Not defeat and rejection.

Today I read John 3:30 “He must become greater, I must become less”.   As a believer, I know God’s influence, and authority in my life must continue to increase.  And the purpose of my ministry must point others toward Him.  This is the exact reason why I started a blog about meal prep, and continue to search for healthy convenient options, with the hope to help others take whatever first steps they want to take.  There’s only one direction toward change, and that’s forward.  Let’s go!

What is holding you back from taking the first step?


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