Meal Prep

Wildtree Java Steak Bites

My friend Danielle’s Wildtree products are slowly becoming an obsession.  I just ordered a bunch of different seasonings.  She brought me a couple this weekend, and included in this drop off was a lovely Java Rub.

I stuck my finger in the jar to taste (yes,my hands were clean), and WOW!

I also got the famous Smoky Bacon Grapeseed Oil.  ummm… no words for this one.  Again, everything is better with BACON!?!?!,… except this one has the flavor, without the fuss.

I think I’ll add this oil to everything… maybe even my morning coffee.  Seriously amazing!


To prepare, heat nonstick skillet over high heat.  Toss steak bites with Java Rub.  Add steak bites, cook ~1 min for a nice seer, and turn over to cook ~30 seconds then remove.  Turn heat down to med-high, add broccoli and mushrooms.  Saute for ~5 min, and drizzle the bacon oil over, saute again.

For each container, I added 5~6 steak bites and a cup of broccoli and mushrooms saute.

Prep time = ~ 20 min

Calories = ~240

# of containers = 7


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