Food for thought

Old school vs. New school

So yesterday while driving home my son was listening to music… and there was a song he played that had questionable lyrics (which I won’t say… lol)… So, as any parent does, I made comment about the meaning of the words, and the comment my son made in return “Mom, that’s so old school… you need to learn the new school slang…”  Well, that conversation is still ongoing because words don’t suddenly change meaning…. but, as soon as he mentioned “old school vs. new school” I had sudden inspiration for this post.

Back in the day (yes I said it, and I realize it makes me sound old)… I remember when I was in High School, and I was so consumed with being skinny.  Eating plain lettuce all day (gross!), exercising in garbage bags (old school version of a sauna suit), denying myself from enjoying food, because I felt like if I ate a cookie, it would defeat my goal of trying to be skinny… which was a goal that I would never achieve.  Not because I didn’t try, but in my mind skinny was a size 0, super thin, flat stomach, thigh gap, etc., and as much as I starved myself, or worked out… my body still had jiggly parts… it was the way God designed me.  His design for me was exact, but because I didn’t take the time to understand that… all I saw was the flaws.

Over the years I would continue to yo-yo, falling short of this idea I had about “skinny”… I would lose weight, only to gain it back and then some… lose motivation, only to get it again, then lose it, then gain it… for the past 25 years, that’s been the process.  I didn’t focus on being healthy, but rather this vague target of being “skinny”.  I even told myself that I was “big-boned” or “large frame” or “I’d never be skinny because of genetics” or “I just have to settle this is the way I am”… all of it being a coping mechanism for being disappointed that this idea of “skinny” was too difficult for me to achieve.  That I had somehow failed because I wasn’t “skinny”… let me say that again….  I BELIEVED I was a failure because I wasn’t “skinny”…. ugh, that hurts!

Well, I say that’s “OLD SCHOOL!”.  I rebuke that feeling and disappointment, and say I refuse anymore to have that word in my life!

Today I’m “NEW SCHOOL!”, and my goal is to be FIT.  Healthy, active, and focused on my relationship with God, the relationship with my family, the joy I experience with new challenges, the energy I feel when I’m around people who are positive, the knowledge I’m gaining about how to fuel my body, how it’s 100% ok to have joy in my food choices…. about having a balanced approach!

So I challenge you to be “NEW SCHOOL” with me and let’s get FIT!   

Rebuke those thoughts from the past, the labels we’ve applied to ourselves.  Approach each day with new expectations for your health, your body, your mind, your spirit.  Wake up and say:

Psalm 118:24 (NKJV) This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it!!

Rejoice as if today was a new day made especially for you (because it is!).  The writer of this psalm did not expect to see tomorrow, he was in danger of death; his days were likely to be cut short.  But God had other plans, and spared him, thus adding this day to his life and for that he praised God.   This gift, a new day, was so unexpected that the writer of this psalm knew it had to be from God!

For us, this means each day, week, month, year… is a gift.  We should celebrate just as the writer of this psalm did, by recognizing that God has given us all grace and mercy, and continues to add so much to our lives… even a new day to start over.  This day is truly a gift and it was created “anew” on purpose.  Through Jesus, we are given a second chance at everlasting life … God did this on purpose!  Therefore, “on purpose” we can exercise our free will and can make decisions that improve the quality of our life.

Choose to be FIT!  FIT is not a size, not a shape, not a certain weight.  It’s a mindset, it’s about being kind to yourself and working daily to be the best version ON PURPOSE!  It’s being deliberate toward what you feed your mind, body, and soul… how you move, handle stress, overcome obstacles.  Being FIT is being healthy inside, and out!  🙂

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