Meal Prep

Lo mein inspired noodles

The version I made today is a cross between Lo mein and Pad Thai… but, we will just call it Lo mein inspired because you can really try different veggies, protein, or sauces based on what you like 🙂


To prepare,

Saute veggies with garlic in a pan until tender, add noodles, and slowly add sauce + water until evenly coated.  

Special Notes:   

1) You might not need all the sauce + water… it just depends how strong you want the flavor and how saucy you want the noodles.  Take your time to make it just right for you 😉

2) The particular noodle I used gets really sticky… so after the noodles were cooked… I drained the water off and rinsed under cold water.  I then used a little olive oil to help the stickiness.  You could use regular pasta, zucchini pasta, another brand/type you prefer, or you could also use actual Lo Mein noodles.   

3) You could also reduce the noodles and # of containers if you want less than I made this weekend. Keep all the lovely veggies though!!!

4) If you’re not a fan of the homemade hoisin sauce flavor (peanut, soy sauce, siracha)… Pinterest has so many good recipes for healthy Lo mein.  Please let me know if you find one you like.  I’d love to try it too!

Add-ons:  You can pair this with any protein… chicken, shrimp, steak, etc.

Prep time = ~ 30 min

Calories = ~300

# of containers = 10

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