Food for thought

Be intentional

I hope everyone had a restful weekend.  My Sunday meal prep is complete, and I feel pretty accomplished…  Accomplished by knowing that my family has a good start to a busy week!

This morning we went to church (One Community Church) and the message was a confirmation on so many levels of what I am working towards daily…  There were so many lessons in today’s message, but for today’s food for thought, I’d like to focus on one point:

“Everyone ends up somewhere, but few end up somewhere intentionally”  Dr. Conway Edwards, Lead Pastor, One Community Church.

This year is all about getting back to being more of me on purpose.  Being fit, and reclaiming life according to what God has for me.  Part of this journey requires me to be open to new and different.  Before this year, I had never really meal prepped, I had only done yoga once, hadn’t tried to do head stands or cart wheels since… well a long time ago…

Regardless what changes we are trying to make, being intentional is key.  Every day, hour, minute, … we make decisions.  But, are the decisions we make allowing us to get where God wants us to be?  Are we stepping outside our comfort zone to find our purpose?  Or are we playing it safe?

I made a lot of excuses over the past several years about my personal health and my relationship with God.  I swept a lot of things under the rug, that eventually became a big mound of crap I kept tripping over.  It wasn’t until I said “no more!” did I commit myself to find purpose again… and be intentional about my decisions and the priorities in my life.

Often times we are faced with difficult decisions, or crossroads that make us feel helpless.  Often it is difficult for me to see what God has in store… but faith requires me to walk often without knowing.  Having faith, even when it’s hard, that God will make a way.

Luke 14:27 (NKJV) And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.

When you say yes to Jesus, you say no to yourself… not when it’s convenient… but continually.   To walk into what God has for you requires you to pick up the cross daily.      This scripture explains what we must be prepared to do to follow Him.  We must be prepared to give up everything, to make Him first priority.  We hear about unimaginable circumstances in other countries where Christians die for their faith.  Even though that could be a choice one of has to make, it can also be more subtle.

With the pressure of making ends meet (at work, at home, etc) …. it’s easy to lose sight of this priority, and maybe stop going to church, studying His word, or praying…  Through this scripture, Jesus is telling us to not pursue things at His expense.  He must be the top priority always.

What you prioritize in your life will inevitably guide your decision-making.  Everyday decisions either allow you to strengthen this relationship, or move you further away… the further away you get, the more unclear your purpose becomes… the more lost you feel.

8 months ago I was lost… I can see that now.  But, God kept me even in that time, and now I’m working to get back on the path toward finding my purpose.  I don’t know yet what He has in store, but I have a spirit of expectation that it’s going to be AMAZING!

Take inventory of the priorities in your life along with me.    Asking questions like what’s most important in my life? and where does God rank among them?

Let’s be more intentional about our relationship with Him!  🙂

Have a blessed week!






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