Meal Prep

Cincinnati style chili

If you’ve ever been anywhere near Cincinnati, Ohio you may have noticed places that specialize in Cincinnati style chili (Skyline, Gold Star, etc).   I didn’t grow up in Cinci but lived in Northern Kentucky for a long time.  This dish was a regular in our house.

Chili by itself is a hearty stoup (stew/soup) that really fills you up… and warms you up on cold days… not going to need that 2nd part considering it’s supposed to be triple digits next week in Texas 😦

This weekend we had several things going on, so I wanted to crockpot meal prep so that I could literally throw it together, slow cook it, and come back later when it was time to put it in my containers.   So chili was the theme.

Cincinnati chili usually isn’t made with beans, but I make V8 chili with beans.

So good!


  • 8 servings (approx ~1 cup) of V8 Chili
  • 1 box of whole wheat pasta (cooked)
  • Finely shredded cheddar cheese
  • Oyster crackers (optional)

To prepare,

Basically just assembly like any pasta dish; spaghetti, chili, and top with cheese.

Serve with oyster crackers or tortilla chips (Beanitos Chili & Sour Cream Chips are amazing with this!!!)


Prep time = ~ 15 min

Calories = ~350 (without crackers)

# of containers = 8

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