Meal Prep

Turkey Meatball Box

Turkey meatballs are so good.  And today, you can find so many options for pre-made that taste good, not bad on calories and fat, and are convenient.  I’ve been trying different kinds to find the healthiest version for my regular meal prep.

I’ve made this meal prep with a couple different sauces.  Personally, I like the meal prep dishes with a few number of ingredients.  My mom and I use to watch this show on the Food channel, Semi-homemade with Sandra Lee.   She would make these fabulous dinners and table-scapes.  Her recipes were a combination of homemade, and store-bought convenience.  I liked her approach, and have adopted it as my own from the day I had my own kitchen.  Now, I’m just a little more selective on the convenience to make sure it’s on the healthier side.

Turkey meatballs are not my specialty.  I’ve tried to make them in the past, but they often turn out dry.  I’m still on the search for a fool-proof recipe.   In the meantime, I use frozen mostly… I recently read that Trader Joes has a pretty good frozen turkey meatball, but haven’t made it out that way.  I have mostly used Kroger reduced fat turkey meatballs.  Taste is good, and ingredients are not bad for frozen meat…  It’s a meatball, so I keep my expectations realistic.  Key is serving size.

My favorite sauce is also a Kroger brand, Coconut Curry.  So flavorful!  I can put this dish together in minutes.  Add some brown rice or quinoa, and a green vegetable… and done!

Don’t be afraid to look for convenience if your short on time.  But do try to find balance, and read labels.  I’m getting better on that,… progress, not perfection.

I might even venture to find a meatless option for this dish… already have some ideas running through my mind.  Stay tuned!



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