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Intention: a process of healing

The other day I was texting a friend, and they mentioned that their son had made a comment on how I don’t look the same…, and my response was … well, I shouldn’t!  As I work to be more of me on purpose, the result is my exterior now looks like my interior… and that’s a look of joy!

It’s been officially over a year now since my intention shifted from being lost to reclaiming purpose.  I now realize how I got so far off my path… drifting my focus away from God, allowing myself to get in the way of what He has for me… Allowing stress and worry to dictate my choices… forgetting to breathe and take care of me…  Not being present in life, but just going through motions…, etc.  I am slowly forgetting the person I was at the end of 2016, and fully living on purpose the best version of me.  Honestly, it’s liberating!

So, yes I look different.  But, that difference is because I am more focused on God, and His purpose in my life.  That intention has allowed me to be kind to myself, to focus on progress (not perfection), and to recognize grace and mercy is necessary to live life in a positive way.  This intention has brought me back to center, has allowed me to have a new level of consciousness of my mind, body, and spirit, which in turn has allowed me to place the heavy burden I was carrying before (stress, worry, … things outside of my control, etc) where it belongs.  The shift within this year has changed all aspects of my life, which has resulted in more than weight loss… it’s resulted in reclaiming me!

Eating healthy and exercising is super important, but it can’t “fix” your intention.

Your intention needs to be greater than simply eating or moving.  If you look up the definition of “intention” you’ll see the standard definition of… it states:  the act or instance of determining mentally of some action or result.

But if you look under the definition in a medical sense, it also states:

a process of healing.

My intention isn’t about a size or a number, it’s about being set free… it was about being healed.  It’s about realizing what Christ has already promised in our lives, if we believe in Jesus then we will have eternal life and be free…

…to be free, to have an abundance of joy in my life, to be present and fully aware of it all in order to experience it fully…

In order to do this, my attitude, my actions, …everything needs to continue to move with intention.  God knows our heart, so we have to check ourselves to make sure that our intention is aligned with His purpose for our lives in order to experience the healing, joy, and freedom that has been promised.

My good friend Chrissy sent me this verse today, and it’s on point:

Matthew 5:15 (NLT)  “No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket.  Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.”

What’s your intention for yourself and does it align with God’s purpose of you?

Let’s set our intentions right now according to God’s purpose!

You are worthy of love, and happiness!  Believe!



One thought on “Intention: a process of healing

  1. Ok!!!!!! By far this is your best blog yet. It shows growth and exponential spiritual progression. My soul needed this as I’ve really started LOVING ME how I deserve to be loved. I’ve been longing to be healed and it is a journey. i’m starting to see wounds close and my mind open to what can be as oppose to what has been. Thank you for being candid, transparent, and truthful. Continue to grow……….

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