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Why I use Kroger ClickList

Just picked up my weekly ClickList order from our local Kroger, and I’d like to share with you how Kroger ClickList has been essential to helping me keep my FIT life on track.
I’m a busy wife, mom, and career professional.  At the end of 2016, I was in a place where I’d let my priorities become unbalanced, and my personal health went to the wayside.  I was 100+ pounds overweight, and everyday tasks were a real struggle, not to mention the health risks I had created as a result of eating the wrong things, and not living an active lifestyle.   I wasn’t the best version of myself inside or out.
I committed to myself I needed to change, and make myself a priority.  This shift would allow me to focus on learning to love me and being the best person my family deserved.
Our schedules are busy, and to a certain degree, convenience was found through fast food and already prepared junk… this wasn’t the reason for my situation, but “convenience” was the excuse I had made because I didn’t know how to allocate my time for something better.
That was until the day I started using Kroger ClickList.
I’d heard a few friends mention it, as a convenient way to pick up groceries… but, they didn’t use consistently.  … and if people don’t use a service consistently, then one may wonder if it’s worth trying…
At the time, I was just beginning my meal prep journey.  Each week, I planned several meals to make in 1~1.5 hours, place into individually prepared servings, to have access to grab-and-go options for myself, and my family all week long.  My struggle point was I hated to do the grocery shopping to get the ingredients.  To me, grocery shopping is time-consuming, and for busy people, time-consuming with low enjoyment can be a deal breaker.
However, if I could make my list, order my groceries, have someone do the shopping for me, and all I have to do is pick it up… well, now… that’s a game changer!  So I decided to try it.
I made my meal plan, set up the ClickList… and ordered.  Driving to and from the store was a  piece of cake.  The store members loading my order were amazing.  I felt like I had discovered something that no one else knew about!
Not only am I saving the hour+ to grocery shop… but I’m 100% focused on my meal prep, and eating foods that align with that plan… thus, keeping to the goal… and saving money along with it… and the best part of all is I can use that extra hour+ to prepare for my busy week.
The key is for anyone trying to improve their health or lose weight, programs are costly… However, if you have a good meal prep plan, and you can efficiently get your ingredients from your store of choice… then, you’re not only following through on your goal, but you’ve set yourself up for success!  That’s freedom!
I’ve been using Kroger ClickList consistently for a year, and I’ve lost almost 80lbs and counting.  It’s part of my weekly routine.  It truly is the best service anyone looking to find a healthy convenience in their life should consider.
Some have mentioned how they are particular about fresh produce and picking it out… but, honestly I’ve done it both ways… and I have yet to have a negative experience with damaged or rotten produce.  All of my groceries meet my expectation of freshness.
Kroger also has “Simple Truth” brand, which is organic, free from, or natural.  All the things that are important to a FIT person trying to keep balance in their lives.  Anyway, my quick 10 min drive to pick up groceries gave me time to reflect.
70%~80% of our personal health depends on what happens in the kitchen.  Key is to make good choices convenient, then your plan versus actual makes sense.
I also want to encourage us, moms or caretakers, to think more about the whole picture versus just ourselves.  Our choices and what we stock our homes with also determines our family’s health (ClickList or not).  I’m seeing the fruits of my labor (so-to-speak) influencing how my kids eat, and how they are now making more informed decision on how they treat their bodies.  As I’m becoming more and more conscious of what I’m eating, and how that makes me feel… so are they.  Especially as young athletes, they need to have this consciousness all the time.  Fuel and energy allow them to perform at an optimum level.  If we don’t prepare our bodies to meet our goals, then we need to recognize that’s a choice that we have control over.  We own that.
My teenage son said the other day that his friends were commenting on how healthy his lunch is… he then told me that he really likes his lunch.  He even told me he wasn’t going to put cookies in it because he’d rather just eat the veggies, fruit and other items.  Say what !?!?!?  OMG, that makes me cry!  That makes my heart sing with praises to God!!!
In that moment I realized I’m making a difference in their lives, just by loving them the way they deserve.
I want my kids to continue to be knowledgeable and in full control of their lives.  I want them to be conscious of their choices.  It starts with creating an environment that’s not depriving, but balanced.  The cookies are there, but it’s their choice if they want them or not.  Eating cookies are no longer referred to as a bad choice, but rather we are learning there’s is a physical and mental reward for having a balanced diet that makes you feel good.  Cookies can be joy, but they are not fuel… balance is everything.
2018 is going to be great!  Keep going!  Let’s be FIT and find life hacks that work for our healthy lifestyle!
1 Corinthians 10:31 (NKJV)  Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

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