Food for thought

Time for a reset?

It’s been way to long since I’ve taken the time to write a food for thought. A lot has changed in the past several months.  A lot of work related changes especially.  Sometimes with change comes more stress and committing more energy than usual towards the transition.  This will leave you seriously depleted each day.  I was absolutely naive to the affect that it was going to have. I thought with all the work that I’ve put in, there was no way I would get off track.  Well, I was wrong.

I’ve been distracted and haven’t had the energy to make the same amount of time for myself like before.  This snowballed into making choices that were very reminiscent of the pre-2017 me.  My desire to exercise was different.  My meal prep was so-so.  I wasn’t sleeping as many hours as I should.  Not drinking as much water as I should.  Eating more foods that didn’t serve me, than the ones that do.  And I gained a few pounds.  And I felt sluggish.  And now not all my cute clothes are fitting… ugh!


Of all the many lessons I’ve learned, the key is knowing I’m in full control.  So, finally after months I made a decision that it was time for a reset.

Kind of like when your computer starts acting crazy, you restart it and allow the operating system do whatever it does.  So whatever kind of magic happens when you restart you computer, I know I want the same for me.

How do I reset?

This past week I fasted for 3 days.  I used a product from BeachBody called 3-day Refresh.  Honestly I don’t believe there’s any real magic in this kit.  The main reason I used it is because I like the taste of their shake mixes.  And I didn’t want to fast without eating.  So, I used the shakes and “tried” to follow the directions.  The key was I focused 100% on eating fresh veggies, fruit.  Only exception is a few almonds because I wanted something salty… and the directions said you could have almond butter… raw almonds are the same thing…  so it works 😉

The first day was hard.  I also cut way back on coffee.  I still had a cup each day, but it was much less than I was drinking.  I drank more water.  I was hungry, but I felt changes over the 3 days.  That was most important.  The first day really allowed my system to flush out all the garbage I had been eating.  Day 2 was easier and I was feeling more energy.  By Day 3 I felt amazing.  The amazing part was every time I ate, I felt how much my body was responding to the food.  Differently than your body responds to Doritos or pizza.  When I ate the fruit, I tasted it… it was so good and I could feel that goodness being acknowledged.  That brought me joy, lots of joy!!!  The kind of joy I was experiencing when everything was in balance at the end of last year.  The kind of joy that I was missing in the past few months.

I also was aware that in the past I would have done a fast like this to lose weight only and I would feel a sense of joy based on a few pounds only to feel disappointment when the weight came back on.  But this time my intent was not about losing weight, it was about resetting so I can get back to achieving my goals.  The meaning is entirely different, therefore the results will be entirely different.

So it’s been 2 days post fast and I still feel great and I’m super happy with the fact that I’ve been to yoga 2 days in a row and my body feels so much better!!!  I’m looking forward to a great week!  Meal prep is complete.  I’ve loaded my calendar with my workout schedule, trying to maneuver around the kids activities and the office.  But, I’m slowly feeling the focus that I need come back.

On the way back from yoga today I was listing to gospel music, and experiencing God’s mercy over this past week and being grateful for so many things.  And a song came on called “Empty Me” by James Fortune & FIYA.  The chorus lyrics are:

So I say empty me, Lord
Take out everything not like you
Everything in my life not pleasing you
Please take it away
So I can be all yours, all yours
Empty me

Sometimes life throws us curve balls.  But, God has given us the power to reset.  A reset can be through many different means of serving Him.  All we have to do is make the choice.  He will help us no matter the circumstance.  I love the part that says “Take out everything not like you”.  Living free is about recognizing when you have become unbalanced or have lost focus, and then making the choice to pause, reset, and regain the commitment to yourself that you’ve made on this journey.

The first step, the first action, always leads to motivation.  The more you follow through the more you’ll regain the consistency you need to achieve your goals.

If you feel that you’ve lost focus in your balanced lifestyle.  Maybe it’s time to reset.

Let’s Live Free xoxo

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