Food for thought

Changing old habits

I was reading an IG post today, and I wished I would have saved it.  It listed several tips for weight loss.  One of them was not to eat out of original packaging.  I thought to myself… hmmm, that’s good advice.  I’m guilty of opening a box or a bag of my favorite snack and before I know it I’ve consumed way more than a serving size.

Growing up I remember Dad eating cereal right out of the box.  I’m pretty sure he still does this, lol.  He’d snack while watching TV, sometimes consuming half a box or more of Honey Combs cereal.  Over the years, I’ve taken on the same habit.  Coming home from a long day, finishing the evening activities, and then sitting down to watch a favorite show and grabbing a snack.  Let’s say Smart popcorn, white cheddar is so yummy.  I’d sit there and eat literally the whole bag.  Only when I realized I’d eaten the WHOLE bag would I then feel guilty for it.

For me, this is one of the hardest habits to break.

There’s various reasons why, but if I’d just portion out my snack I’d might not consume the whole bag or box in one sitting.  I’d be more mindful of how much I was eating.

So I’m working on it.  Earlier today I wanted a snack, and instead of grabbing the box I only took a portion out and put it on a paper towel.  Result was I didn’t eat the whole box and I didn’t feel guilty after my snack.  Celebrate small victories!

So, the advice of not eating out of original packaging makes sense.  Portion control is a key practice to sustain for a healthy lifestyle.  And good advice should always be shared 🙂


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