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Be still

About 2 years ago I had the opportunity to attend a training in California. It was a week long session focused on leadership development. Part of this training also included a number of assessments designed to help us recognize strengths but also reflect on areas we need improvement. These assessments included feedback from our team, peers, supervisors, mentors as well as our self assessment. All of this was designed to ensure that we didn’t leave the training the same as when we began.

Today I was watching our church’s online service and the pastor was teaching from the book of James, and one of his opening points relating to the current crisis is that we shouldn’t come out of this situation the same way we went in. Several other supporting points on how we should be careful of the habits we could form while in isolation that could transition with us on the other side of the crisis like eating changes, frustration with people around us, or even spending more time with guilty pleasures…

Time to reflect

Here’s a few of my reflections and I encourage you to pause and reflect as well. I’m sure some of our reflections are similar. #inthistogether

1) I’m much more sedentary than it was before

    • Pre-crisis I would easily walk >10k steps at work and have 30~60 min workout 3~4 times per week.
    • For the first 2 weeks of “stay at home” I didn’t prioritize moving. Instead I woke up and went straight to the office in my PJs. I sat for basically 8+ hours with the brief exceptions to grab food and bathroom breaks. By the end of week 2, I felt depressed and hopeless.
    • That weekend I spent refilling my cup with God’s word, prayer, and talking with several friends and family. I knew the past 2 weeks could NOT be the next week.
    • So Week 3 I changed my routine. I woke up, got dressed in my favorite workout clothes, and did some form of indoor exercise for 20~30 min. I then made breakfast and headed into the home office to start the work day. I also sprinkled more breaks and even some end of day moving to stretch and workout the stiff muscles from a not so ergonomic set up.
    • This small change resulted in a huge shift in how I felt… mind, body, spirit. I felt much more motivated and positive by the end of the week.

2) I’m spending way too much time on social media

    • OMG!!!! I spend all day talking about COVID only to burn my eyes out with my phone looking at CNN, town updates, Facebook, etc. This alone will make you cra cra!
    • This past week I started playing around with taking yoga or fun pictures and posting them with the hope that they will encourage others that are struggling too. I know it’s a small act, but as I’m paying more attention to positive content that focuses on acts of kindness, triumphant survival stories, food pictures (my fav), and YOGA anything… I want to contribute to the positivity 🙂 and it helps me continue to speak life into my other interests #bethechange.
    • Positivity is our choice. It’s the “shit in, shit out” principle. And yes I used a cuss word but I need to emphasize that it’s our choice what we read, listen, digest. The more negativity we take in, the more it impacts our mind, our heart in a bad way.
    • But if we focus on the positive and trust in God to deal with all the negative, then we realize our faith and hope that change will come becomes the focus point. So positive vibe only please! It feels so much better on my heart then worry does 🙂

3) I’m an introvert that needs connection

    • My poor husband is an extrovert and I know he’s struggling right now not being able to go out, see people, tell his stories and have his cup of energy filled in the process.
    • I’ve been saying that as an introvert I’m good. Isolation doesn’t bother me because how I get energy is different.
    • Wrong! Isolation is hard on ALL people! Cabin fever is a real thing. When we are use to having freedom to change our scenery any time we want, and that gets taken away… well, it stinks! I can’t see my favorite yogis or go to Oklahoma with my friend Chrissy (btw we really don’t go to Oklahoma we are just gone so long that it feels that way to the husbands). I can’t go to stores, or Starbucks without having to seriously think if it’s worth it in the midst of this chaos. Thank GOD! that Amazon is still delivering… even though that is not stress free right now either. #wearespoiled #needsvswants
    • So to feel connection I’ve prioritized my weekly yoga training calls that are 2-way interactive, I’ve taken a couple interactive virtual yoga classes, We FactTimed our parents, friends in Kentucky, and FaceTimed Friday drinks with a few friends locally. Yes it’s not the same, but you know what!?!?! … it was better than just texting or talking… because when you see faces while having a conversation it feels just a little more personable.

4) I need to reach out to others and let them know they are loved and missed

    • Each week I’m trying to think of people that I haven’t spoken with or heard from in a while. Relationships are so important in everything we do. Our network that we’ve spent a lifetime making requires maintenance. This current situation creates too much open time for excuses. #netflix24/7
    • It’s too easy for us to get consumed in the crisis that we lose track of all the good that is also existing in the midst of the struggle.
    • Right now is the perfect time to focus on our relationships. Our relationships with Christ, our family, our spouse, our children, our friends, our neighbors, our favorite local business owners, our co-workers, our customers, etc. We all have something in common right now. We are all trying to make sense of this rapidly changing world around us… at the same time we are all trying to navigate uncertainty of how much change we are going to have to adapt to in the new normal, what ever that may be… only time will tell.
    • All I know is I can’t control the crisis, but I can control my mindset, my actions, and stay open. And I can also prioritize compassion in various ways to make sure my community, my tribe knows that I love them. #theworldneedslove

Long story short, I’m working to be mindful of how this current situation is impacting my mind, body, and spirit and adjust as necessary to stay feeling uplifted.

Slow down to reprioritize.

In one of the books I’m reading for my training said “the universe and self melt into the experience of oneness”. Studying and meditating on this more led me to a scripture in Matthew.

Matthew 16:25 it says “For whoever desires to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.”

The key point is that we should not be living our life for treasures or for worldly things, but live our life seeking eternal life and the heavenly rewards that come from dying to self and living for a higher purpose.


Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”.

As I’m writing this post I had similar thoughts during the week of intensive training 2 years ago…

I need to be still during this time, breathe, and have faith. It’s scary, but peace will come to those who truly believe and rest in knowing that whatever we may face, God will give us the courage, the strength, and the power to overcome.

I pray that each of you are staying focused during this storm and are continuing to shelter in place covered in God’s grace and mercy.

#stayathome #bestill #believe

Prayers for all the many people across the world on the front lines. I am grateful that they are doing all they can to contain, save, and find the cure. #heros


2 thoughts on “Be still

  1. Good thoughts and observations! I think we’re going to learn a lot about our thoughts and choices. My hope is to come out on the other side living more intentionally. I want to know that at any time, I’m doing what I’ve CHOSEN to do. Since the first of the year, I have felt like 2020 is the year for me, personally, to “be still.” I think what makes this time hard for us is that we
    are wired to fix things, to act, to take control. But when what we need to do is nothing, that’s pretty challenging! Thanks for a good read!


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